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StandardCall®'s number auditing tool verifies that numbers are ringing correctly

College Station, TX — June 15, 2010 — Business numbers can stop ringing for several reasons such as changes on the carrier side, problems with an advertiser's number or Direct Inward Dialing (DID) route pairing issues. Unfortunately, this sometimes occurs without anyone knowing. StandardCall’s number auditing tool enhances dependability, client satisfaction and customer retention by reducing and even eliminating missed calls, lost revenue and frustration.

StandardCall’s automated number verification and auditing tool is designed to proactively identify possible problems with numbers without the overhead of testing known working numbers – ultimately, improving the time necessary to identify potential number connection issues.

This auditing tool analyzes call statistics in the system database to identify numbers that may not be ringing correctly. The tool looks for factors such as numbers with an unusually high volume of busy calls, numbers that received no calls in a set amount of time or numbers with a sudden decrease in calls. In addition, the audit process identifies numbers that are working correctly so resources are directly and efficiently focused on addressing only the problem connections.

About StandardCall®

Founded in 2002, StandardCall , a division of Who's Calling, Inc., is a leading provider of call measurement services in North America. StandardCall supplies organizations and Yellow Pages publishers with information and services that demonstrate the value of advertising by measuring the numbers of phone calls that come into a business organization.

Through proprietary software and technology infrastructure, StandardCall provides solutions enabling publishers to expand their customer base by providing advertising proof of performance and accounts receivable security. StandardCall also partners with publishers to implement new business initiatives using its unique marketing-oriented technology capabilities.

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