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New StandardCall® Report Simplifies Reporting for Publishers

College Station, TX — July 29, 2009 — A new report is now available in StandardCall®'s reporting suite called the "User Summary Report". It can be enabled in the Publisher Dictionary by selecting the new "Enable User Summary Report" check box. This report is available to all Admin levels as well as Data Clerk, Market Director, and Publisher client-level user roles.

The User Summary Report can be run for all markets and roles the signed-on user can access. The report provides valuable contact and access information about users, including Username, Name, Role, Email Address, Phone Number, Fax Number, and Date of Last Access. This information allows Publishers and their agents to monitor site access and ensure user information is up to date. For example, a Market Director can run a report for all Advertisers in a specific market, and Publisher users can run a report that shows all users who have access to any market on their account (Admin users are never listed on the results).

This report is especially helpful for Publisher users as they can run the report for all users in their account, including other Publisher and CMR user roles, and sort by last login date to provide valuable insight into who is and isn't using the site. Previously, Publishers could not audit other Publisher and CMR users with access to their account.

Like other reports, the results can be exported to Excel where additional filtering features can be applied.

About StandardCall®

Founded in 2002, StandardCall , a division of Who's Calling, Inc., is a leading provider of call measurement services in North America. StandardCall supplies organizations and Yellow Pages publishers with information and services that demonstrate the value of advertising by measuring the numbers of phone calls that come into a business organization.

Through proprietary software and technology infrastructure, StandardCall provides solutions enabling publishers to expand their customer base by providing advertising proof of performance and accounts receivable security. StandardCall also partners with publishers to implement new business initiatives using its unique marketing-oriented technology capabilities.

For more information call 1.800.719.5231, email standardcall@whoscalling.com.

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