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REACT is a Windows desktop application that starts automatically when you boot up your PC. Once the application is running, it will provide screen notifications for any new inbound and outbound calls. This gives you the ability to monitor all your business’s calls in real time.

We understand that work days can get hectic and your computer screen can get busy. We designed REACT to not interrupt daily work routines by being constantly present on your computer screen. The small REACT notification window pops up in the bottom corner of the computer screen when you log in; the icon disappears shortly thereafter unless clicked to view call detail.

REACT runs independently of our product website. However, there are still several features of our website that you are able to utilize through the REACT application:

  • Listen to call recordings, including calls in progress.
  • Make and track outbound calls to any number using Click To Call.
  • Update call details and assign agents.
  • Create, upload and save lists of numbers for easy follow-up.
  • Export call results, complete with call details, in Excel for manager review.
  • Control who can use the application.
  • Define specific workstation settings for each user.

In addition, any changes you make on our product website will sync with the REACT application and vice versa so your information will always be up-to- date.

Call Notification Window

The notification window that comes up for every inbound and outbound call displays on the bottom right of your computer screen, right above the system tray. These notifications give you the important information you need about each call without interrupting your workflow. These notifications will show the following information:

  • Name and number of the caller
  • Campaign name and number dialed
  • Inbound or outbound designation
  • Call Details button

Call Details Window

The Call Details window provides you with a more in-depth look at each call. You will be able to see the following information:

  • Call start time and duration
  • Campaign name and number
  • Caller’s number, name and address
  • Do Not Call status
  • Name of agent who took the call
  • Call recording access
  • Journal notes

Account Training

Our trainer team conducts live web-based training sessions over various topics to help make sure you get the most out of your Who’s Calling account.

You can reach our trainers at trainerteam@whoscalling.com for more information.

Additional Questions?

Contact us if you have any further questions regarding your Who's Calling.

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