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Inbound Call Tracking

Inbound Call Tracking allows you to track your marketing campaign effectiveness by assigning a unique toll-free number (TFN) to each campaign.

Our award-winning call attribution services allow you to track and gauge the effectiveness of all your marketing and advertising campaigns. Our Inbound Call Tracking solution illustrates exactly which advertising efforts are efficient and which can be eliminated.

This knowledge gives you the opportunity to improve your marketing return on investment and produce more qualified leads. With the combination of our Inbound and Outbound Call Tracking products, you can possess a complete lead identification tracking solution.


  • Effectively track response rates from marketing activities.
  • Eliminate wasteful spending on inefficient advertising solutions.
  • Identify every lead generated, including those your staff missed.
  • Use real-time call recordings for staff training and quality assurance.

Inbound Call Tracking Screenshot

By assigning a unique toll-free number to each advertising or marketing campaign, you are able to attribute all phone calls to the campaign that generated the call. As a result, you’ll be able to determine which advertising campaigns are producing sales and revenue.

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