Who's Calling: The Power of Call Measuremen

Inbound and Outbound Call Recording

Call Recording can record inbound and outbound calls so you can play them back at any time, allowing you to focus on additional training if needed. With inbound call recordings, you’ll even be able to identify the types of calls your advertising is producing and determine which campaigns are generating revenue.

You can use call recordings to train your employees and immediately improve your customer service levels. By listening to inbound call recordings, you can monitor how well each lead is being handled by your staff and decide if additional training is needed. With Outbound Call Recording, you can also capture basic outbound call data such as who placed the call, who they called, and the time, date and duration of the call.

To improve your customer service levels, you can listen to the call recordings or even send them to agents to hear how the calls are being handled.

Outbound Call Recording

Observing how your employees handle outbound calls is just as critical as monitoring how they handle inbound calls, because it gives you another opportunity to train your employees quickly and efficiently.

How It Works

Depending on how you want to notify the recipient of the call that is being recorded, Outbound Call Recordings can be set up in two unique ways: by Manual Prompt or Immediate Prompt. You can listen to, email, download, save or delete both types of outbound call recordings.

  • Manual Prompt

    The Manual Prompt requires your employees to obtain verbal consent from the recipient of the call. Once consent to record the call is given, the employee presses a three‑digit number that begins the recording process.

  • Immediate Prompt

    If you choose to immediately start the call recording at the beginning of the conversation, both your employee and the recipient of the call will hear a system message indicating that the call is being recorded. The call recipient will then have the ability to opt out of the call if they choose not to participate.

Account Training

Our trainer team conducts live web-based training sessions over various topics to help make sure you get the most out of your Who’s Calling account.

You can reach our trainers at trainerteam@whoscalling.com for more information.

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