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Intelligent Toll-Free Numbers

Intelligent toll-free numbers (TFNs) give you access to easy-to-remember vanity numbers. When these numbers are used in conjunction with our call attribution solutions, you’ll see a proven boost in response rates and gain valuable intelligence about your marketing efforts and customers.

Intelligent Toll-Free Numbers

We have the ability to search the national 800-number database for scrubbed TFNs, providing you with access to local, national or vanity numbers. We are also able to conduct keyword or business name searches.

With the use of intelligent TFNs, you will receive access to our award-winning web-based application. This application can be used to track TFNs to determine which marketing efforts are bringing in revenue and which ones are not. You can also use the application to search for and request available vanity numbers, view caller information and listen to call recordings, which can be used to improve customer service and aid in employee training.

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