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Call Safe

Call Safe gives you the resources required to safeguard your business against possible federal Do Not Call (DNC) registry violations and costly fines.

Violating the DNC privacy regulations instituted by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) can cost you fines of up to $40,654 per incident. Call Safe provides you with the necessary tools and training to help you avoid these circumstances.

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With personnel training and online tools, Call Safe makes it easy to comply with FTC regulations when making outbound calls.

Call Safe provides you with the following:

  • Registration with the FTC’s national DNC list.
  • Training for you and your staff on compliance rules and procedures.
  • A sample telemarketing policy that specifically addresses FTC privacy regulations.
  • A process for a custom federal dispute resolution policy.
  • An online DNC list search tool to check phone numbers against federal and company-specific DNC lists.
  • A unique company DNC list with a maintenance tool.
  • Documentation that you have taken steps to become compliant with federal regulations.
  • Access to sample responses to and information on how to handle caller complaints.
  • Monitoring and updating of changes on federal DNC legislation and procedures.

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