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Call Tracking Management

Tracking which marketing solutions are driving phone calls is a large part of the call-tracking equation; the ability to service and stay in touch with the right prospects is the other part. Call Tracking Management will give you the answers you need to dramatically increase your overall customer service, boost sales and improve marketing ROI.

Our Solution:

  • Captures all available inbound call data, including the date, time and length of the call and the caller's phone number, name and address.
  • Tracks and announces the media source that prompts each call.
  • Delivers customized call data reports in real time.

This Will Allow You To:

  • Have access to and control call data you would not have had otherwise.
  • Provide tangible evidence to substantiate the value of your marketing initiatives.
  • Create a new revenue source and improve customer acquisition and retention.
  • Quantify the effectiveness of your ad units, upsizing, covers, inserts, etc.
  • Audit your ad distribution with the help of our geographical reports.
  • Give your ad source 100 percent credit in real time for each lead.
  • Differentiate between the effectiveness of each of your marketing solutions.

How It Works:

  • Who’s Calling supplies you with toll-free numbers (TFNs) that you place in each ad campaign.
  • TFNs give you the right to the information since you are paying for the call.
  • Go online and login to view more than 50 call data reports in real time.
  • Reports can also be sent automatically via email.
  • TFNs capture real-time call data on all inbound calls.
  • No hardware or software is needed.
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How It Works

Who’s Calling’s Call Tracking Management is a web-based solution that requires no software or hardware. We provide you with an unlimited amount of toll-free numbers to be included in every marketing activity you want to track.

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