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Client Testimonial — Advantage Dealer Group

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With three locations in the Chicago area, Advantage Dealer Group is a family-owned and -operated company that prides itself in its selection of more than 1,500 new and used Chevrolet vehicles and its award-winning service department.

To maintain its unbeatable prices and friendly service, Vice President John Fischer knows the group can’t afford any mishandled calls. For more than a decade, Advantage had already been using Who’s Calling to track advertising effectiveness and review calls for training purposes. But for one of the group's dealerships, Advantage Chevrolet of Bolingbrook, reviewing call recordings was challenging. The Bolingbrook dealership alone receives 1,500 out of the dealer group's 4,000 total calls each month.

So in 2011 when Who’s Calling launched RESCUE, a service that uses call evaluation professionals to review calls, the Bolingbrook dealership jumped on board. Now, after calls are completed, RESCUE flags any mishandled calls or missed opportunities and immediately notifies managers so they can address each situation.

“It saves us thousands and makes us thousands of dollars every month,” said Fischer. “If used properly, RESCUE can get your money back that you spend on Who's Calling with one mishandled call that was saved by a manager.”

Since implementing RESCUE, Advantage Chevrolet of Bolingbrook has improved its marketing ROI by 30 percent. In fact, RESCUE has become an integral part of the dealership's operations.

“It's become our culture and is appreciated by the majority of the employees. The ones that are intimidated by it usually are not the type of people who fit in with our philosophies and customer-centric culture.”

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