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Client Testimonial — Jerry Damson Automotive Group

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For the last 55 years, Jerry Damson Automotive Group has established itself as a premier dealer of Honda and Acura vehicles in northern Alabama. In fact, each of Jerry Damson’s three dealerships frequently receives awards for the characteristics the group prides itself on: savings, service and satisfaction.

With over 250 employees, 6,000 vehicles and roughly 3,000 calls received per month, ensuring staff members maintain the highest levels of service can be difficult. That’s why Jerry Damson Automotive Group enlisted the services of Who’s Calling nearly a decade ago. Since 2007, the dealerships have been ideal users of Who’s Calling, taking advantage of the many resources offered, such as inbound call tracking, call recording, toll-free numbers and missed call notification.

Buddy Driver, corporate trainer for Jerry Damson Automotive Group, impressively listens to up to 100 recorded calls each day and follows up with the appropriate employee if a call is mishandled.

“I will average sending about 10 to 15 calls per day to save a deal, use as a training tool and correct service issues,” he said.

In an effort to greatly reduce the burden of listening to so many calls, Jerry Damson Automotive recently added RESCUE to its arsenal of call tracking and evaluation solutions. RESCUE is a service provided by Who’s Calling certified call evaluation professionals, who scan calls to identify and flag any mishandled conversations or lost opportunities. The RESCUE team then notifies personnel like Buddy of any flagged calls so the dealership can regain any forfeited opportunities.

An industry vet with over 50 years of experience, Driver said that of all of the vendors Jerry Damson has used in the past, Who’s Calling’s support is superior to any others.

“Who's Calling is not just an awesome tool, but as a business partner has the best support group that I have ever worked with. When you have an issue or request they respond immediately,” he said.

About Jerry Damson Automotive Group

Jerry Damson began his career in the automobile industry in 1961. For the first eighteen years Jerry owned and operated Jerry Damson Motors which offered the finest selection of pre-owned vehicles in the Tennessee Valley. Today, still family owned, the Jerry Damson Automotive Group operates three automobile dealerships in North Alabama which include: Jerry Damson Honda and Jerry Damson Acura in Huntsville and Honda of Decatur.

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