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MyDASH allows you to create a dashboard of call data reports tailored to your needs. Each user has their choice of up to five different reports to display on their MyDASH, such as Call Metrics, Total Calls Per Day, Total Missed Calls Per Day and more.

Our exclusive campaign monitoring tool acts as a virtual dashboard and enables you to assess the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and call traffic by viewing key statistical data reports.


With MyDASH, you'll be able to assess the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and volume of call traffic at a glance.

For example, you can set the Total Calls Per Day graph to display all calls received during the last five days of the week. Clicking a day of the week in the graph displays the call details for that day on the regular Total Calls Per Day report. With five custom reports available at your fingertips, you will be able to view the call details you need, and none you don't.

Complete Customization

You can manage your favorite reports from the Define MyDASH Reports page. For each report, there are a set of filters that can be used to customize the data on the graph, including campaign groups, campaigns, last X days, top 10/15/20 campaigns, unique calls only, calls of a certain duration only, graph orientation, etc.

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