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Organic Search Call Tracking

Organic search call tracking uses our ClickPath solution to trace calls back to organic search terms and referring domains. By utilizing our Dynamic Number Insertion technology, you are able to determine which calls came from paid placement ads and which came from organic keyword search terms. You can then use your phone call response rates to gauge the success of your search engine marketing (SEM) efforts.

Organic Search Call Tracking

With Organic Search Call Tracking, you'll get the complete picture of your SEM by seeing the organic search terms and refering domains that drive phone calls from your website.

For example, if an organic search term is driving repeat traffic to your website, that term would be a beneficial keyword to bid on for paid placement ads.

This is valuable information that you would not know without tracking your calls and seeing which ones were generated from organic keywords.

ClickPath has an unprecedented reputation of reliability and accuracy, and those same principles have been applied to its organic search call tracking product, which optimizes all aspects of online marketing.

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