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Click-To-Talk Increases Online Sales, Enhances Customer Satisfaction

College Station, TX — May 20, 2010 — Who's Calling's "Click-To-Talk" feature increases an organization's ability to respond quickly to its prospects and customers by connecting them by phone via the Internet. This improved response time leads to an increase in online sales, new and repetitive revenue and an enhanced sense of customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Who's Calling Vice President of Sales CB Huchingson said, "If a prospect is interested enough to call about a product, a few correctly-answered questions could easily result in a conversion. Additionally, as a customer or prospect, there is nothing worse than being ready to buy, or needing an answer to a simple question and waiting on hold, or not being able to reach even a voicemail. Click-To-Talk virtually does away with that scenario."

Click-To-Talk can be used in several different ways to improve customer/business relationships. For several industries, prospects use the Internet to research a product before a purchase. Should a prospect have questions or be ready to buy, Click-To-Talk expedites the process. Click-To-Talk greatly increases the chances of inbound calls from interested parties and reduces non-producing and unrelated calls.

A business can also put a Click-To-Talk icon on their FAQ or technical service web page. If a viewer is not finding the information they need, they can press the icon and connect with a customer service representative or a technical support representative that can answer their question.

In addition, Click-To-Talk improves direct market email efforts by enabling the prospect to respond immediately to an email campaign. As a call to action, Click-To-Talk has the ability to transform the contact activity into revenue opportunities. By using Click-To-Talk as a call to action, the organization can gauge the effectiveness of the campaign.

Click-To-Talk also enables a business to direct calls after business hours. Calls can be routed to another location in another time zone, or can be routed to an individual's voice mailbox. Either way, the number of unanswered calls, dropped leads and caller abandonment is reduced considerably.

Any object – text, picture or graphic – can be programmed and placed on a website and in emails. When the object is clicked on, a pop-up screen requests the customer's phone number where they wished to be contacted.

Once the customer has entered the number and pressed the Click-To-Talk object, the process of connecting the customer and business begin. Who's Calling's Click-To-Talk technology incorporates Who's Calling's call data collection technology along with a "whisper" feature announcing the caller's origination. These features provide a business with as much information as possible about the incoming phone call.

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