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ClickPath Goes “Green” Adding Organic Call Tracking

College Station, TX — April 16, 2010 — You can now apply the same online to offline optimization you have on your paid search terms to your organic search terms with ClickPath. By seeing which organic search terms and referring domains are driving phone calls from your website, you get the complete picture of your search engine marketing.

This new feature which utilizes our exclusive, industry leading DNI functionality, allows you to see where all your online calls are coming from. With this information you can make more informed marketing decisions extending beyond paid placement ads to include organic search terms to know which ones are driving your sales calls and ultimately, generating more revenue.

In addition to knowing where your phone calls are coming from you can also discover new search terms that you may want to bid on. An organic search term that drives repeated traffic to your website would also be a great keyword to bid on for paid placement ads. This is valuable information that you would not know without tracking your calls and seeing which ones were generated from organic search terms.

“ClickPath’s Organic Call Tracking feature allows businesses to see which organic search terms are driving phone calls, which is a huge benefit to our online marketing,” says Mike Marshall, Account Manager. “This allows any business to gauge the success of their SEO efforts based upon phone call response rate.”

ClickPath has an unprecedented reputation of reliability and accuracy and those same principals have been applied to our new organic call tracking feature. Nowhere in the industry can you find a better PPC/SEM tool that can help optimize all aspects of your online marketing.

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ClickPath bridges the offline gap between online advertising and offline conversions, tracking phone calls back to the exact keyword(s) that generated them. ClickPath offers a complete online to offline conversion ad tracking solution including an exclusive Dynamic Number Insertion platform, call measurement and monitoring infrastructure, and web analytics interface. For more information visit www.clickpath.com, call 866.856.1538 or email contact@clickpath.com.

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