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Dealership sees an immediate increase in revenue after implementing MarketQUEST

College Station, TX — May 12, 2008 — Who's Calling's MarketQUEST™ combines an industry-leading Measurement and Monitoring Service (CTM) solution with text messaging, email and voice mail features to increase customer response rates and create competitive advantages. These features allow dealerships to contact customers directly using a targeted advertising approach to build customer loyalty and increase sales.

Allen Samuels Katy Dodge, in Katy, Texas, an existing Who's Calling client, implemented MarketQUEST™ around mid-January. Service director Bill Denton said he was immediately impressed with the results. "We had 17 sales returns and 241 service returns in January, which generated more than $386,000 in parts, labor, new and pre-owned vehicle sales," Denton said. "These are good numbers for any time of the year, and given this was not even an entire month, we were really impressed."

MarketQUEST™ gives dealerships the ability to capitalize on customer information and data collection by pinpointing the highest potential profit opportunities and enabling dealers to target customers with specific messages. The messages can be used to contact customers who have not recently been to the dealership, who have vehicles in need of service, or those who are shopping for a new car.

Allen Samuels Katy Dodge uses the email, voice mail and text messaging features of MarketQUEST™. Upon receiving a response from a prospect, the email or return response is sent to their Business Development Center (BDC), where appointments are scheduled and questions are answered. The emails also include the Who's Calling Click-To-Talk feature, which enables viewers to contact their BDC via phone almost immediately.

"I like the real-time automatic response," Denton said. "Our contact percentage is very high and has really increased our market penetration. Primarily we use it as a service driver, sending out reminders for scheduled maintenance. We also send out a monthly email newsletter."

Once MarketQUEST™ communications are set, they are completely automated, connecting with existing and new dealership customers on a schedule. In addition to special sales and service opportunities, MarketQUEST™ can also send customer satisfaction surveys, and special date notifications such as birthday greetings to enhance customer loyalty and top-of-mind marketing.

"Here is a customer, she has not been to the dealership since June of 2007," Denton said. "She just replied to an email using the Click-To-Talk feature and she made an appointment this week. She hasn't been here in 10 months. That is the kind of return business MarketQUEST™ has been generating for us since January."

Allen Samuels Katy Dodge has been a Who's Calling client for some time and was looking for a new approach to marketing when Denton came across MarketQUEST™. Prior to MarketQUEST™, Denton said he was using an internal direct mail and manufacturing process combined with traditional advertising to reach customers.

"I was already confident in Who's Calling," he said. "When MarketQUEST™ became an option, it seemed like a new and exciting way for us to increase our marketing and to do something different than our competitors. With more and more efforts moving toward the Internet, MarketQUEST™ just made sense."

In addition to the MarketQUEST™ messaging features, Allen Samuels also consults on a regular, monthly schedule with MarketQUEST™ personnel on the best way to implement the QUEST communications for their specific sales goals. These "Value Meetings" are included in the QUEST package and provide an opportunity for the dealership to plan new campaigns, review reports and trends, discuss industry activity, and evaluate scorecards and ROI performance.

"Our meeting with the MarketQUEST™ personnel was pretty amazing," Denton said. "First, they were able to capture several email leads we did not have. The best part was, they listened to what we wanted to achieve and we worked together to achieve the results. They were able to tell us what they have seen work, and what they have seen not work."

"MarketQUEST™ is just a simpler way of contact," Denton said. "If the customer wants to respond to it right away, they can. If not, they can just save it for later. It is almost 'no-miss' marketing! I'm really excited about how well it has taken off. MarketQUEST™ is doing what we want it to do. When it is time, we will discuss with MarketQUEST™ what to do next!"

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