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Decrease your cost-per-mile and increase the value of your fleet with FleetQUEST360

College Station, TX — March 30, 2009 — Who's Calling announces the release of FleetQUEST360™ , an all new, revolutionary communication solution designed to help fleet managers and owners decrease the cost of managing their fleet while improving driver care and safety.

FleetQUEST360™ provides an innovative way for fleet managers to decrease the overall cost per mile and increase the resale value of each vehicle through the use of targeted, automated communications such as email, voice, and text messages. With FleetQUEST360™ communications, fleet managers have the ability to promote driver satisfaction, provide education on safety awareness and encourage scheduled maintenance that will increase fleet resale value and create a more efficient management process.

By utilizing FleetQUEST360™ , fleet managers are able to fully complete the communication circle. In addition to communications targeting regular vehicle maintenance, fleet managers are given the opportunity to improve driver experience and safety by sending customized and informative messages that will enforce greater training, increase awareness and influence good driving habits.

Having more efficient access to current vehicle information and the ability to effectively communicate changes in driver policy gives fleet managers the capability to stay in control of their fleet while increasing the overall effectiveness of their fleet maintenance and management. FleetQUEST360™ allows businesses to secure their investment and recapture lost equity from untimely fleet maintenance, undereducated drivers and overall safety.

CB Huchingson, VP of Sales for Who's Calling, said "Generally, people treat fleet cars with little to no respect, but with the FleetQUEST360™ communications drivers are held accountable for doing their own 'housekeeping' on the vehicles they drive daily. Encouraging and documenting the compliance of maintenance needs and safety precautions can potentially reduce the number of accidents; with a lower accident rate, liability and business costs are decreased as well."

FleetQUEST360™ creates a sense a responsibility between the drivers, the fleet manager, and their vehicle that ultimately results in a higher return on the company's investment. Businesses with small or large fleets all face some similar challenges.

FleetQUEST360™ is the only multi-channel communication solution for fleet management designed to provide your personnel and drivers with the effective, automated information and instruction needed to make fleet management cost effective, efficient, and ultimately - more valuable.

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