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Hit Your Marketing Targets with AimData Advantage

College Station, TX — January 24, 2011 — Everyone knows effective marketing is vital to success, but knowing what works and how to get it done can be difficult and time consuming. AimData ADVANTAGE can help you reduce your dealership's advertising cost per sale, automate your customer communications and increase your customer loyalty with a dedicated Marketing Analyst helping you create and manage effective campaigns to maximize your advertising spend.

The Marketing Analysts, an exclusive AimData feature, will handle every detail of your advertising campaigns, including the administrative work. This helps ensure you deliver targeted, timely messages at each point of your customers' life cycles. The unique combination of maximum data and relevant, accurate e-mail addresses will allow your Analyst to create the most thorough marketing campaigns in the industry.

A current and accurate database is the backbone of any effective marketing strategy. AimData ADVANTAGE starts with a comprehensive analysis of your current DMS/OEM data, and customer vehicle history going back 10 years, to develop a profile of your dealership's average customer. Using that profile, AimData constructs a database of potential customers for you to send the right message to the right person.

From building a relevant prospect database, identifying and segmenting your target audience, designing and executing effective campaigns, to delivering accurate results - AimData ADVANTAGE will give you the service you need to drive success in your dealership.

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Who's Calling is a leading provider of managed services that overcome sales transaction obstacles with hard-hitting, strategic products and services that deliver immediate, measurable results. Who's Calling pairs patented measurement and monitoring technology, sales and lead management services, call recording and monitoring with multi-channel marketing and analytic services to drive more quality leads and increase revenue. With research and results-driven methodology, Who’s Calling has assisted businesses nationwide increase sales transaction effectiveness and improve customer satisfaction. For more information, please visit www.whoscalling.com or call 800.719.8958.

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