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Keep Your Marketing 'In Sync' with AimData ADVANTAGE Data & Email Sync

College Station, TX — January 4, 2011 — Marketing from an accurate customer database is crucial in order to market effectively. So, when the customer data in your DMS and your marketing efforts become out of sync, your dealership can lose valuable revenue.  The all new, Data & Email Sync provides a direct link between your AimData ADVANTAGE marketing efforts and the customer data in your Reynolds ERA® DMS system, to provide the most up-to-date and accurate customer database possible. 

When you use your marketing database to send direct mail or voice campaigns to customers and prospects, there is always a possibility that the contact information you are using is incorrect. Data Sync cross-references and updates basic customer data information from various validation resources to ensure that your customer database is as accurate as possible.  

Email Sync uses the same concept, applying validation to your email services.  So now, invalid email addresses and unsubscribe addresses will be removed daily, eliminating wasteful emails and making your email marketing more effective. Marketing from an accurate database eliminates wasteful spending and ensures your dealership is not wasting time and resources incorrectly communicating with customers.

Without Data & Email Sync, the customer data in your DMS and your marketing customer data could be out of sync for days or even months.  With Data & Email Sync, direct data synchronization is conducted on a daily basis, ensuring your customer information is always up-to-date.  No other marketing solution can offer that level of information sharing.

"More and more dealers are finding that directly marketing to their clients is more effective," said Suzanna Hellinger, Who's Calling Product Manager.  "The AimData ADVANTAGE Data & Email Sync, designed exclusively for the Reynolds ERA® DMS system ensures that the information you use to directly market to your customers is the most accurate data available."

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