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MarketQUEST™ expands product offerings, increasing customer contact and interaction

College Station, TX — May 20, 2008 — Who's Calling announces the addition of Mail QUEST to its expansive range of marketing tools for the auto market. Dealerships will now be able to target an even wider range of customers while increasing brand recognition and reinforcing their current marketing efforts.

MarketQUEST™, a product of Who's Calling, is a multi-channel Measuring and Monitoring Service (CTM) combining email, text messaging and voice mail solutions allowing dealers to increase new and repeat sales while reducing their marketing costs.

Adding Mail QUEST to the already successful MarketQUEST™ package, dealers will be able to "touch" those customers who may not be reached through hi-tech communication. Through Mail QUEST, dealers can personally address customers while providing a tangible form of communication that has a marketing look and feel consistent with their Email QUEST campaigns.

Who's Calling Regional Sales Director Ken Luna said, "There is a percentage of customers that we call 'non-responders' that have been sent text, voice or email and for whatever reason, they have not replied or returned to the dealership. These non-responders prefer direct mail and it is a perfect compliment to what we already do with our other QUEST mediums.

"[Mail QUEST] is simply another marketing channel to help bring customers back to the dealership. Today virtually all direct mail is not targeted. Mail QUEST is. We know specifically who has recently spent money at the dealership and who has not. Our MarketQUEST™ suite of products can reach every customer's contact preference."

MarketQUEST™ provides dealers with several cutting-edge options for reaching customers. Text QUEST sends automated text messages straight to customers' phones, with everything from service reminders to birthday wishes. Voice QUEST provides customized recorded messages that are delivered to customers, while Email QUEST provides an easy, automated email campaign solution.

With MarketQUEST™, dealerships can launch targeted communications to increase customer response rates and track marketing activities. In addition, it enables dealers to see which marketing campaigns are most effective in generating business, as well as which ones may be costing the company money.

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