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New Reporting Tools Provide Call Measurement Data at a Glance

College Station, TX — September 4, 2013 — Who’s Calling has rolled out a round of reporting updates to its user interface, which was launched earlier this year, to help management personnel improve the efficiency of their call measurement efforts. The changes include a new data-charting feature, unlimited RESCUE email alerts and access to data about shared call tracking numbers.

“Our goal in launching the new user interface was to help our customers use our product more efficiently,” said Who’s Calling Director Jody Huff. “We are committed to making sure the interface meets our customers’ need for immediate access to call measurement data, and these updates are intended to help customers get the most out of their Who’s Calling account.”

As a result of the updates, customers have access to a “Graph By Totals” reporting filter (available for select reports) that provides a visual representation of the overall totals of the report. This feature will make it easier for management to see at a glance their highest call volume hours, days or months for all campaigns selected for the report. Users can choose to run a report on either the top 15 campaigns or all campaigns.

Companies who use RESCUE email notifications to alert their management personnel when mishandled calls occur can now specify an unlimited number of email addresses to receive the alerts, whether scheduled by time of day or per mishandled call. This capability allows management personnel to set up distribution lists for their RESCUE email alerts without having to worry about excluding key personnel from the notifications.

To benefit businesses that share toll-free numbers with multiple businesses across the country, Who’s Calling has given executive- and manager-level users access to a list of area codes from which their shared-used call tracking numbers can receive calls. (Callers are routed to a business based on the area code of the number they call from.)

For more information about these changes, automotive clients can contact Client Support at 866.360.6667 or autoteam@whoscalling.com, and non-automotive clients can reach Client Support at 866.360.6668
or nationals@whoscalling.com.

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