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Who’s Calling’s RESCUE Call Recordings Go Mobile

College Station, TX — August 7, 2012 — It was announced today by Who’s Calling Inc., the industry leader in call tracking and multi-channel marketing solutions, that one of its featured product offerings, RESCUE, will now enable users to play call recordings on a variety of mobile devices, including iPads, iPhones and Android phones.

“This new feature will provide our clients with a faster, more convenient way to catch mishandled calls and convert them into sales,” said Who’s Calling Director of Sales Jody Huff. “This is a game changer, and we are expecting great results.”

Who’s Calling’s RESCUE feature was developed to help businesses identify mishandled or missed calls. The Who’s Calling professional call evaluation staff listens to calls and flags missed opportunities. Once problem calls are identified, the evaluation staff sends Who’s Calling clients a scheduled email notification prompting them to perform follow-up actions for a second chance to secure the sale.

These emails feature a Listen link that accesses the Who’s Calling Voice View player, where the call recording can be played on a PC. Now, clicking the Listen link on a mobile device will access a new mobile Voice View player, where call recordings will play in a format compatible with the detected mobile device.

Because many of Who’s Calling’s clients use mobile devices as their primary method to access the Web, the ability to listen to RESCUE call recordings from anywhere will allow them to catch missed sales opportunities and evaluate their staff’s call handling performance more flexibly and efficiently.

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