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New Who’s Calling® API Allows Customers to Manage Accounts More Efficiently

College Station, TX — June 11, 2009 — Who’s Calling customers now have access to a new Application Programming Interface (API) that will allow them to gain access to their Who’s Calling Toll-Free Numbers (TFNs) directly from their internal CRM System without having to log in to their Who’s Calling Portal. Customers will now have the ability to manage their Who’s Calling TFNs through their own CRM Systems thanks to the electronic interface provided by the new API.

An API is a set of routines, protocols and tools for developing software applications. Essentially an API makes developing a program easier by providing the building blocks needed to build a program, then all the programmer has to do is put the blocks together. Who’s Calling’s API will provide customers with the necessary tools to develop an application within their own internal system to manage their Who’s Calling TFNs.

Previously, customers who wanted to track the management of their TFNs within their own CRM Systems were required to manage them both within the Who’s Calling portal and their own internal systems separately. Now customers have the luxury of utilizing the new API to synchronize their internal systems with the Who’s Calling portal, thereby eliminating the redundant steps required to manage TFNs in two separate systems.

According to Suzanna Hellinger, Product Manager for Who’s Calling, “The new API will allow customers to manage not only their TFNs and campaign settings from their internal CRM, but they will also have the ability to manage their campaign groups and account users. This will allow them to streamline the management of their Who’s Calling account.”

The API will give customers the ability to modify redirects for TFNs, manage both campaigns and campaign groups, missed call notifications, users, and also whispers and greetings. Customers also have the ability to provision and assign up to 50 National Toll-Free Numbers with the desired prefix (e.g. 888, 866, 877, etc.) from their internal CRM System.

With Who’s Calling’s new API customers will be able to streamline the overall management of their Who’s Calling account through more efficient management of their TFNs, campaigns, and account users.

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