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Who’s Calling’s New User Interface to Launch This Month

College Station, TX — April 11, 2013 — Who’s Calling Inc., the industry-leading provider of call tracking and marketing analytics technology, is preparing for the launch of its new user interface April 29. The user interface is designed to give clients more account management options and greater efficiency in gathering and analyzing call tracking data, while being easier to navigate and more visually appealing.

“The new interface is incredibly user friendly and provides several new features for managing and reviewing campaign effectiveness,” said Client Support Manager Craig Watts.

Some of the new features of the interface include:

  • Page Structure Enhancements
    Designed to make navigation more efficient and intuitive, the new home page features a “My Links” section that provides fast access to favorite reports, and a revised menu that remains with users as they click through the site, which decreases the number of clicks it takes to reach frequently used screens.

    The new tabular design throughout the site helps organize information in management screens. As users make changes to their accounts, Save, Reset and Cancel buttons at the bottom of each screen allow them to easily update changes, and a time stamp at the bottom of the page displays the user, date and time of the most recent change.

  • Campaign Management and Reporting Features
    When reviewing campaigns, users are now able to filter results by criteria such as campaign name, status, active features and greetings. In the search results, users can scroll through filtered campaigns using arrows at the top of the campaign record. Reports containing a chart display the top 15 records per page for increased legibility of the chart data.

    Executive-level users have increased control over campaigns with the ability to now search for and request available vanity numbers. In addition, the management of Voice View settings and Call Sync lead integration settings can be done without assistance from the Who’s Calling Client Satisfaction team.

  • Call Manager Upgrades
    To help users manage calls more efficiently, the Call Manager application now opens in the existing window rather than a new window. Users are able to search data up to three years old (increased from 90 days), and there are no limitations on the number of records returned in search results (previously call records were limited to 1,000). A new “Campaign name contains” field within the application allows users to easily filter search results as the user types in the name of a campaign.

    In addition, Voice View and Caller View information are visible on the same screen rather than on separate tabs, which allows users to compare caller data and campaign data without clicking back and forth between tabs. When a user updates a caller’s information, the update will be saved on future call records from that caller. Previously updates were specific to a single call only.

“Our new user interface shows the continual evolution of Who’s Calling’s products and services,” said Managing Director Jody Huff. “The feedback we’ve received has been terrific, and we’re really excited about the developments to come.”

For more information about more of the new user interface features, visit www.whoscalling.com or call 800.719.8958.

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