Who's Calling: The Power of Call Measuremen

ROI Reporting

The Return On Investment (ROI) Reporting features allows Reynolds and Reynolds DMS customers to connect call data to the deals they generate.

It's important for dealerships and general managers to know which calls are winning deals to more efficiently and effectively market and sell the vehicles on their lots. The ROI reports created by connecting inbound lead calls to the deals they generate provide invaluable insight into the specific marketing efforts that are capturing new customers and producing revenue.

Our interface defines and separates the Reynolds and Reynolds DMS F&I deal information into two detailed reports: the ROI Detail report and the ROI with Caller View report, providing drilled-down detail.

ROI Reporting

These easily accessible, easy-to-run reports will give you even greater insight into and control over where your campaign dollars are going and the true ROI they produce.

The ROI Detail Report shows:

  • Cost of each campaign
  • Number of sales deals that are associated with calls in our database
  • Gross revenue and ROI percentage of these deals

The ROI Caller View Report shows:

  • Specifics pertaining to calls that were made and received
  • Quick access to callers’ names, numbers and addresses
  • Information on delivery dates, deal numbers and revenue dollars, pulled straight from Reynolds DMS software

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