Who's Calling: The Power of Call Measuremen


SNAPSHOT creates an easy-to-read summary of call activity, including the date and time of each call, call type, the campaign name and number for each call, the agent who handled the call, call duration and more. SNAPSHOT can also display all inbound and outbound call traffic handled by each agent at your business.

SNAPSHOT’s Caller Snapshot report can be filtered to display toll-free numbers (TFNs), select campaign groups, your predefined agents, or specific call types for a custom date range. SNAPSHOT can also be used to display call activity for a specific caller ID, giving you access to call history when researching issues or sales negotiations for a specific customer.

Additionally, SNAPSHOT’s Agent Detail report will display all inbound and outbound call traffic handled by each agent. For each agent, the date and time of the call, customer name, customer phone number, call type, campaign name and number, call duration, call status, call recording and journal notes are listed. The report can be filtered to display only calls for select agents, select TFNs, select campaign groups or a select date range.


SNAPSHOT makes it easier for you to view comprehensive call data for customers and agents in one location.

SNAPSHOT report filters:

  • Toll-Free numbers
  • Select campaign groups
  • User-defined agents
  • Specific call types

Agent detail report info:

  • Date and time of call
  • Customer name
  • Customer phone number
  • Call type
  • Campaign name/number
  • Call duration
  • Call status
  • Call recording
  • Journal notes

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