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Click To Call

Click To Call enables you to contact your customers directly from the Call Manager application. It is an added benefit for you if you also utilize our Outbound Call Tracking and Call Safe products.

Click To Call allows you to completely control each call. When you click a hyperlinked number in Call Manager, that number is automatically checked against national and company-specific Do Not Call (DNC) lists. The choice to override the DNC list is available if you already have an existing relationship with the customer.

This feature is designed to improve staff efficiency and streamline the connection between your associates and prospects. When placing a call, your phone will ring and our whisper feature will announce the customer’s information.

After the whisper, you are given the option to connect the call, giving you time to get ready for the call. During the call, it is possible to make journal notes and create call summaries directly in Call Manager. Reports are generated through the Call Manager and Outbound Tracking databases. We provide you with a suite of intelligent routing options, so you can automatically send your calls to the correct location.

You are able to:

  • Convert leads into customer opportunities.
  • Improve customer callback by giving your staff the ability to call customers from any phone.
  • Streamline the connection between prospects and local representatives.

Account Training

Our trainer team conducts live web-based training sessions over various topics to help make sure you get the most out of your Who’s Calling account.

You can reach our trainers at trainerteam@whoscalling.com for more information.

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